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Wed May 03 2017, 01:53AM
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The Parable Of 'The Two Teams' In the parable of 'The Two Teams' as in any sporting competition today there must be at least two players if not two teams. In order to be able to distinguish any two teams we usually implore the use of two different colored jerseys. So in our parable we also have two teams. One team is referred to as the home team with its distinguishing color being black. Our other team is referred to as the visitors and their distinguishing color is white. For the case of argument and because we all enjoy easy to understand analogies or stories Adidas Wayne Gretzky Jersey , we will refer to our two teams as the dark team and the light team.

As our story goes, the dark team looks to be a very powerful team. Many would say that the dark team is truly frightening because of how big and powerful they appear to be, as well as because they are so cocky acting all the time. The light team on the other hand appears to be a bunch of very happy and good natured people. The light team isn't as large as the dark team in appearance, and appears to allow just about anyone to join their team. Because of this fact the light team looks mismatched to say the least. On the other hand, the light team seems to support each other and truly cares about everyone on their team. From the best player to the 'not as good' player the light team values them all, just the same. Now critics of the light team declare that their 'valuing of all' must be fake and just a clever attempt to cover up some wrong doing. These accusations don't seem to bother the light team either way. Unfortunately though, the light team hasn't won any of their recent contests and the critics claim that it supports and proves the truth of their accusations. The light team is in a no-win situation Adidas Ryan Smyth Jersey , with the critics and so accepts the insults of being 'big losers', graciously. The dark team on the other hand has won a lot of the recent contests and seems virtually unbeatable. The dark team struts around shouting and grunting loudly to show how tough they are and to intimidate others. Many have heard from the mouths of the dark team just how much money they have and how little everyone else has. They call themselves successful, and claim to have 'made it锟?

In our parable, our two teams have fans or supporters just as any other team usually have. The only difference between the supporters of our teams and the average supporter is that the supporters of our two teams appear to be exactly, as if 'carbon copies' of the team they support. With this difference we have the night-and-day difference of the two team锟絪 supporters. The supporters of the dark team are rude, crude and completely obnoxious. These supporters greatly favor all things dark, gloomy and gruesome. As if this wasn't enough they implore anything shocking and demented in an attempt to intimidate. The light team's supporters are good-natured Adidas Ryan Nugent-Hopkins Jersey , gracious and usually well groomed. As you can see, the differences are truly polarized. This polarization continues into the game our two teams play. The game is intricate and very complex on the one hand; yet on the other hand it has easy to understand objectives, that once fully understood, are not so complex or difficult. However, because the game has an over all complex theme, the dark team along with their supporters, attempt to always 'cloud the issues' and reverse the objectives in hopes of throwing the light team into total confusion and dismay. This forces the light team's coaches to spend most of their time explaining and re-explaining the simple objectives of the game Adidas Paul Coffey Jersey , in an attempt to help re-focus the light team as to, what is truly important.

With all the polarization and differences happening in our parable, remember that rarely does someone, not know which team a supporter, supports. Yes, of course, there are and will continue to be exceptions to the rule. However Adidas Patrick Maroon Jersey , when trying to understand the 'big picture', rarely do we ever want to consider the exceptions. Taking notice of another's actions and method of dress will usually point one in the right direction and solve most conflicts of interests. After years of expanding the limits of acceptable behavior and mode of dress, the dark team and their supporters have recruited more youngsters. The dark team and their supporters can be heard claiming that they and their supporters have 'way more fun'. They don't want to be a 'goody-two-shoes' or a square prude like the light team and their supporters. However, these accusations will not move a single light team or any of their supporters to expand their limits of propriety. Their collective rebuttal is 'prudence not prudish'.

By now, most people, I am certain, have come to understand my parable and have begun to make the connections that the dark team and their supporters represent Satan Adidas Nail Yakupov Jersey , the world and everything evil. The light team is Jesus, the Eternal Father, The Holy Spirit and all Christians. In the parable, the game that the two teams play has also been called, 'The Game of Life'. Complicated but not truly hard to know what's truly important.

So what else then can be gleaned from our parable? One of the biggest points I had hoped you get out of the parable is that as wrong as it would be for a light team supporter to wear the 'colors' of the dark team in our parable; the same applies to the 'real' world with regards to a Denver Bronco's fan wearing a Los Angeles Raiders jersey, it just isn't done! That's silly you say! Yes, it is and when you think about it for a moment and allow it to sink in Adidas Milan Lucic Jersey , then connect the dots and see that it is as dopey for a Christian to dress up as a devil or demon for Halloween! It just shouldn't be done.
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