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Mon May 22 2017, 08:44PM
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We've probably all picked up a table tennis bat at some stage in our lives, either in the basement Wholesale NFL Jerseys China , garage, at school or at work. There's always a few over-enthusiastic characters out there that play just to win, and make fun of those they beat. Well if you've been on the receiving end of this 'abuse', this guide may be just for you. This guide is for those casual players, that have acquired some basic skills in table tennis, can generate a little spin on the ball, but don't take it seriously enough to play competition at clubs. It takes advantage of two very different rubbers that you can put on either side your bat, which very few casual players understand.

The Basics:
The key to making this strategy work is spin and deception Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys , with your opponent not knowing what type of spin is on the ball. This usually results in your opponent missing the ball completely, or hitting it in the net or over the table.

The basic equipment you need for this strategy is a bat with 2 totally contrasting rubbers on either side, one a very tacky (sticky) and spinney rubber (such as most Chinese rubbers) and one 'long pimple' rubber. The spinney rubber is obviously very good for generating spin, whereas the long pimple rubber is unique in that it returns most your opponent's spin back to him. These types of rubbers can be picked up fairly cheap at quite a few online shops, such as One of a Kind Trading in Australia for example. A few recommendations are given at the end of this article. The blade (the bat without the rubbers) is not very important for this strategy to be successful, as the rubbers do most of the work. So if you don't already have a blade, you can buy a cheap one from the same shop, and they'll normally put it together for you free of charge.

Technically you need one red and one black rubber on either side of the bat. However this is really only a requirement for competition Wholesale NFL Jerseys , so if you only play casually this is not necessary. To be totally ruthless and make it even harder for your opponent, you can have the same colour rubber on both sides, so that he cannot judge which one you're hitting with.
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