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Tue Jul 25 2006, 12:54PM

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We need articles on these!!! Please, don't think someone else is going to do it, spend some time writing one for amp. It will really be appreciated.

General Airsoft Safety - Complete - SWATA4

What is Airsoft - Pending - Enforcer

Airsoft FAQ - Complete - SWATA4

Airsoft Glosssary - Pending - Relic

Why Airsoft? Why not Paintball? - Pending - Ghost457

General AEG Maintenance? Pending - AndrewMp5k2006

General GBB Maintenance? Complete - Shotgun_ned

Anyone have any other topics to add, post, Or... If you are up for one of the challenges, please let us know!

You may take one up, and then still ask for help from others, and opinions, but at least be the manager of it, and organize the ideas. please help!!

- Kevin

[ Edited Fri Oct 20 2006, 01:11AM ]
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Tue Jul 25 2006, 01:35PM
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I once wrote an essay about airsoft, I will see if I can find it and give it to you. It may work for the airsoft vs. paintball article, but it may not.
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Tue Jul 25 2006, 05:04PM
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I will take up the challenge for the Airsoft glossary
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Tue Jul 25 2006, 05:46PM

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Airsoft FAQ.... I'll do it I suppose
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Wed Jul 26 2006, 10:21AM
Lord Of War
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What about "Airsoft Etiquette" and "Forum Etiquette"???? If you think its a good idea i could do them.

[ Edited Wed Jul 26 2006, 10:22AM ]
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SWAT Enforcer
Sun Aug 20 2006, 10:22AM

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So what ever happened to this idea? lol
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Sat Sep 16 2006, 08:57AM
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Writing a general GBB maintenance guide now.
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Sat Sep 16 2006, 09:29AM
* Review Copy/Format Editor
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I could write the AEG maintenance.
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Sat Sep 16 2006, 03:58PM

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Awesome guys, I am not failing to acknowledge all the work you guys have submitted, I am slowly getting around to it, been pretty busy. Sorry :(
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Thu Oct 19 2006, 11:22PM

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Us 3-4 SWAT mods are having a "review & article" party

I know it sounds like fun.. lol. Please help us out and write some stuff up if you can. We should have alot for you guys soon!
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