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Amplified Airsoft Advertising TOS

We pride ourselves in having a pristine image and by doing so, we keep your company image professional. We ask our advertisers to follow our simple TOS, as follows:

  • We the publisher reserve the right to cancel, reject or remove any advertisement, position commitment at any time and for any reason in its sole discretion. Publishing any material deemed as offensive, illegal, pornographic, or any content ruled as obscene will not be permitted.

  • Unless otherwise specified; ad placement is at the publisher's sole discretion. Most banners' orders are randomly generated on each page view and/or page refresh.

  • The advertiser is allowed to publish two (2) news articles within a seven (7) day (168 hour) period unless other agreements have been arranged.

  • You may only advertise and or promote in the assigned location that you purchased. Advertising in the forum classifieds or any other location on the forum without prior consent is strictly prohibited. You may not contact members, staff, affiliates, or guests trying to advertise, promote, or sell any products. Use of the Amplified Airsoft PM system or user profile pages to gain contact information regarding these types of inquires are not allowed. However, if an individual contacts you requesting product information, pricing, or any other sales related questions you may respond to grant them the information they requested.

  • Advertisers are not allowed to slander, taunt, or single out other advertisers or companies affiliated or non affiliated with Amplified Airsoft. Advertisers may not compete on another advertisers space or news posting. All advertisers are to be considered equal and treated fairly.

* You reserve the right to cancel your subscription at any time. If you're paying monthly; changes will take effect for the following month. If you're yearly and wish to cancel your subscription; the current 365 day term will still be in effect until it ends.

Failure to abide by the Amplified Airsoft TOS is an immediate breech in contract and may result in immediate termination of your advertising campaign. You will not be refunded in any way and your advertisements, news, specials, and any other form of promotion will be removed from public view.

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NOTE: All airsoft guns must include a blaze orange tip of at least 6mm. Removal of this blaze orange tip for sale or transportation is a federal offense in the United States.
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