ASC7 Claymore Landmine
Made By: Supercell Development, Inc. (Purchased from: Armory Airsoft)
SWATA4, Thursday 19 2006 January - 01:00:00

Made By: Supercell Development, Inc.
by: SWATA4, Amplified Airsoft


I had trouble spending over 100 dollars on an airsoft land mine. I must admit that I didn't expect it to work even half as good as it really does! [Click Here] really did a great job.The first thing I noticed when I took the ASC7 out of the box was the Great packaging, and I didn't even think twice about anything being broken. Everything was secure, and perfectly wrapped. Then I noticed the weight and the small size of it. The pictures online make it seem pretty big, and hard to hide, but this mine is actually tiny. It has a nice weight to it; it doesn't just feel like a hollow plastic shell. It weighs more than 2 lbs! As for the realism, I have personally never held or saw a real claymore, but from all the pictures I have seen it's very realistic and detailed. Its dimensions are exactly the same as the real thing! 8 1/2" L x 2" W x 3 3/4" H. It comes with a full manual and a CD so that you can watch how everything should be done. Face it, not many people like to read instructions, especially when the majority of airsofters are men.

Build Quality:

It's very solid, it is not all metal, but where it needs to be, it is. It's Spring Powered. NO gas. NO explosives. This mine is very sturdy, you can just feel it. The weight, and just the pure solidness of the plastic. It doesn't twist or flex. It's durable without any doubt, and at the speed this claymore flies open, it needs to be! The legs/Stakes that go into the ground are also made of metal, so I'm not a bit worried about them breaking. Overall, inside the mine itself, there is nothing to break except for one little wire. I found that out the hard way, I held the button down for too long, and a wire overheated. I contacted Super Cell Development the day after Christmas at 6:30 in the evening. I checked my email half an hour later and they told me they will send replacements at no cost to me, and they actually apologized to me for it breaking, when I was the one to break it. Another 3 days later the part was at my door. I replaced it and the mine worked perfectly. I expected to receive just a small wire in an envelope, but to my surprise I received another box perfectly packaged with the whole top trigger mechanism of the mine.As you can see from this next picture, it's almost as small as a pistol.


It comes with a safety pin, which has a red cloth attached to it so you don't lose it. It's very simple to make a new one, or buy one if you really wanted. And on the same key ring, it comes with the trip wire pin, you can see below on where to place it. You stick it in, and then when someone trips over the wire, it activates the mine and then flies off with the cord. That's what's really nice, it doesn't stay connected to the mine, so when someone trips the trip wire, the whole mine doesn't go with. It simply breaks free.


It seemed like it was going to be hard to load, there is two metal bars connected to very strong springs, and a strong cloth connects the two bars. You have to push down the two bars so that they are flat, and there will be no tension in the cloth. Then you simply close the lid, put the activation latch over and put the safety pin in (If you re smart).

There is a tiny hole on the outside, just big enough for a bb loader to fit in. You can poor them right in, or use a loader and push them in. They will fall right into place. Now, don t go out and buy 40$ bb s for this mine, go and buy 5$ cases of 5,000 .12 s. Or pick them up around the house and backyard if you really want. You can use any type of bb s, broken, muddy, demented, lightweight, WHATEVER! Use popcorn kernels if you want. I have put a bunch of things in there just to scare friends when they walk in my house.

Firing/Activating the ASC7:

Below you will see the simple corded detonator. It's 25' long, and you just plug it in, and press the button. Very simple. You can also buy extra 25' extension RCA cords for it, for the extra length. You may use up to 150' of cord before it will stop reaching.

My personal favorite way to activate the mine is with the wireless unit. You press a button and it pops open instantly. You can activate 2 mines at once, or simultaneously. The remote seems to work about 70' or so, I'm not sure exactly yet. You can always use the extension cords and put the wireless receiver in between you and the mine for maximum range. Even with the remote, you can still set up the tripwire, so even if you have to retreat, advance, or get eliminated, you can still eliminate the enemy..

Down below you can see the magnetic detonator, the wireless remote, the internal circuits of the wireless receiver, and the on/off switch installed, so your batteries will last even longer!

This is the wireless magnetic way to activate the mine. Put it on a door, a scenario package, a package that needs to be protected during the game. If you want, attach it to a hostage, so if they get up, they will eliminate themselves. The possibilities are endless with this device.

The last thing I had to get was the case. It's a nice padded case that securely holds the claymore and the detonator on the side. It's the perfect size as you can see, and with the right amount of padding, I feel that it is safer in my fannie pack now. Also keeps it secret if you don't want people to know that you have a mine with you!

Rate of Fire:

Well, Rate of fire on a Claymore Usually 1 explosion per its lifetime, but not this one! It's 100% reusable, and takes less than a minute to reload and set up! It's a very easy procedure, and you can master after the first time you use it.


It holds 200+ Airsoft 6mm BBs. but by no means do you need to use that many, 5-50 cover perfectly. It will shoot Airsoft .20 g bbs over 60 feet!!! Its spread is a 30-45 degree radius. It makes a pretty neat/loud POP noise when it shoots open, and scares everyone, even when they know it's going to happen.


It's a land mine! If you can't hit someone with 200 bb's with a hidden device, then you should just quit airsofting. It doesn't really have any accuracy except for everywhere in front of it! If you set it up right, it will get the job done, and it can take out an entire squad. 200 BB's can hit a lot of people!

Pros & Cons:

- Great Realistic Look
- Extremely durable
- Multiple ways detonate
- Easy to set up
- Effective range/power
- Reusable
- Cheap to use/power
- Safe
- Large BB Capacity
- Great instructions
- Great customer service!

- NONE! I love it!

- SWATA4, [Click Here]

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